The "I'm a Mess Creed"

May 11, 2019


We are an e-Commerce retailer that is committed to multilayered sustainability. 

  • Sustainability of self.  We want to raise awareness that as individuals we will never be perfect.  It's okay to not be okay.  We're all a Mess and that mess helps to form us into who we were created to be.  We weren't meant to go through life alone.  We need each other and there's no shame in asking for help.  Let's embrace our mess and help one another, and the world that surrounds us when and where possible.  
  • Sustainability of country.  We are patriots and believe in supporting the American dream first and foremost.  We strive to sell USA made products when and where possible.  We believe that you can’t help others, until you help yourself.  We are committed to supporting American businesses, to help stimulate the economy and provide work to our fellow Americans.
  • Sustainability of the environment. We aim to offer Eco-Friendly and organic products as much as possible.  If it's not made in the USA than you can rest assured that it is Eco Friendly.  We only have one planet, and this is the one place where it's not okay to be a mess. So, we strive to do our part in cutting back on our carbon footprint.  We want to lead by example and do what we can to help clean up the place where we all live. 
  • Sustainability of humanity.  We believe in the importance of loving our neighbor and treating others the way we would want to be treated.  We proudly support Fair Trade.  We believe that consumers have buying power, and that includes retailers.  When buying outside of the USA we strive to always purchase Fair Trade products.  We believe all individuals should be treated with respect and appreciation.  It's important to us, to know that our products were produced by individuals that have good working conditions and a fair wage.  The only way to end sweatshops is if we send them a message with our buying power.  Sweatshops can become a thing of the past if we no longer purchase products from them.  We should all be jumping on the Fair Trade bandwagon.

This is the place where our hearts feel the most alive.  We value integrity and good character.  We believe that we all need to do our part to make this world a better place to live in.  Not just for us but for all of the generations to come.  We want to be a part of the solution and not the problem.  

We're excited to be on this journey with you, because you are important.  We all have a purpose in this world.  We all have a unique calling that we were created for and our mess is helping to get us ready for it. 

Let's embrace our mess, while cleaning up the one in the world.   

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